Monday, September 5, 2016

It came from the (hell) pit...

Skaven and Nurgle mix so nicely it is a wonder they haven't been formally joined as forces earlier (aside from some random rolls on the warband table in Realm of Chaos). Over the weekend I got started on painting my putrid blight kings and daemon prince, but finished this Hell Pit Abomination.

So many heads, so few victims....
I wanted a look of diseased flesh that had been stripped of its fur so I went for an interesting mix of GW and Vallejo skin tones, mixed with a subtle bit of P3 Traitor Green. After the basic layers I used a few coats of diluted wash to coax a bit more detail out and finished by airbrushing some colorful yellow, greenish, brown and pink accents on the skin and around anything that looks like a boyl.

I cut off the Dwarven Pillar on the right claw to make the models base fit with the rest of my armies.
I painted the crude stitching white (because it stands out better against the purple wash then black). As can also been seen in this picture, I had a lot of fun painting the smaller rats,

Ingredients: claws, heads, appendages and warpstone. Lots and lots of warpstone.
During construction I opted for the metal arm that is jammed into the flesh so I could give a few red glazes to simulate infection a go. Seems to work. Most of the metallic parts started out as a very bright silver (P3 Cold Steel). I gave it heavy washes of Agrax Earth Shade and Gryphone Sepia and stipled some Modelmate Rust on to to give it a - shall we say - more worn down look.

I don't really like the bottom wheel on this model and briefly considered taking it off and closing the hole with greenstuff, but decided against it because I feared it would make the top machine look strangely out of place.
The warpstone spikes are layerd with Vallejo Heavy Green, P3 Iosan Green and P3 Necrotite Green. After this had dried I added a strategic dab of  Vallejo Green Fluorescent. The tail was glazed with Cadian Fleshtone followed by a Reikland Flesh wash and highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone and Menoth White Highlight (as was the body of the abomination).

Buddy! Come here boy! Fetch! *Glorp* *Glorp* *Glorp* (we need to work on that bark, stitch a dog to it!)

All in all a nice monster to add to both my Nurgle warband and my Skaven army. Now to make up a name for it...ehm....I'll dub you 'Buddy'.

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