Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The mysteries of a Realmgate await...

This Realmgate was lounging around in the bits box and in desperate need of assembling and painting. As my plan to play the first three Age of Sigmar missions requires a Realmgate (and feeling rather uncreative) I just assembled it according to the GW manual. I went for a paint job that will allow me to use the Realmgate beyond these three scenario's. As an aside, I did not think much of this piece of scenery when it was launched. But having assembled (converted) and painted a number of them, I'm warming up to it. It is a great centerpiece to fight over, can be used with some interesting rules to change a battle and it is great fun to paint.

Add some purple smoke...yeah that looks mystical enough. 

The back of the Realmgate features the runes to the eight realms. I decided to paint them in the colors corresponding to the schools of magic these realms where associated with, using the airbrush to give them a bit of a glowing effect. I'm rather pleased with the results.

Not featured: the song purple haze playing on a constant loop.
Can't wait to start using this in an actual battle.

We are here to talk about our lord and changer Tzeentch, have you got a minute?

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