Monday, September 25, 2017

My first Orruk Boar Chariot rides eternal, shiny and chrome

As my local GW organised a small AoS tournament I had no time to paint on Saturday. I did have a chance on Sunday to finish the crew for the first of (hopefully five) painted Orruk Boar Chariots.

One stick to poke the boars, one stick to find them.

Painting and modelling these is a lot of fun as they are all wrecks I found in second hand sets which gives an added challenge to model them back to life.

One stick to poke some gitz and to the chariot bind them.
Being slightly lazy I picked this chariot first as it is nearest to complete (excepting the Orruk driver who is actually an old boar boy (I think). I had to use an arm from the regular Orruk boy set as I did not have a functional right arm for him, but this just adds to the display of aggression, so it is all good.

How to fix a slightly to bare base? Take an extra clump of grass and glue it down.
I also fixed the not quite finished base by adding a single extra clump of grass (yes, that was an incredibly difficult fix ;). Not shown in this post are the first Orruk Boyz getting a paint job and the second chariot getting painted (and some other Greenskins-related side projects). Slowly but surely I'm getting more Orruks ready for the tabletop (and out of my project box).

Slaves to Darkness versus Khorne Bloodbound, fighting over a spiky fortress I painted for the local GW last year.
Meanwhile on Saturday I joined a small 2000pt AoS tournament in my local GW. Booking a solid zero wins (I'm not a tournament player) I still had a lot of fun. The new General's Handbook does add some extra spice to the game, although I do think AoS is getting bogged down when it comes to building lists (this is only a problem when preparing a more or less tournament ready list (going by all these parenthesis I should consider a separate bla bla post on the General's Handbook)). My Tzeentch inclined Slaves to Darkness warriors tricked Skarbrand into joining them. This did not help. At the fist match they had their collective backsides handed to them by Khorne Bloodbound. The Skullreapers managed to impress Khorne by killing Skarbrand extremely quickly (all five of them dying in the process). Those guys are a nightmare to face on the tabletop. I should get some painted up as they look amazing too.

Same table, different enemy. This was just before the Sylvaneth magicked the table full of forest.
My second game (on the same table) was played against Sylvaneth. This was the first time taking them on and it ended with another ignominious defeat for my poor hayfever suffering Slaves to Darkness (yes I make the silly narrative up as I go along, even during tournaments). I guess the spawn-destined 'hero' of the day was my Chaos Lord on Manticore who failed to score a single wound through sheer incompetence (or was it the hand of Tzeentch?) during two battles. AoS moment of the day my Darkoath Chieftain getting himself impaled on an Exalted Deathbringer's spear. I've nicknamed him (the chieftain) 'mr. Useless' as he managed to land only a single wound during two games. Perhaps he was 'inspired' by Lord Halcofax the Hayfevered (and his manticore mr. Sniffles).

In spite of all the bad dice rolls, foolish tactics and duh-moments it was a fun day. Hopefully I will find more time to paint next weekend (and through the course of this week).


  1. Nice work on that Boar chariot.

    AoS seems (to an outsider) to suffer from the same problem as 40k, which is to say 1001 army lists/battalions/factions/formations, each of which has their own special rules layered on top. Ah for the simple days of "Goblin, spear, bow, or hand weapon" choices.

    1. I do miss the good old 'Warhammer Armies' days with two page spreads showing all the options you had. Aos's problem mostly is that the battalions are all over the place, one is in book a another in book b and if you want to use the app you need to pay a second time for both books. On the other hand (outside tournaments) it is just a matter of picking your models out of the cabinet, slapping them on the table and checking what you glued on to pick out the statline. Now I'm sure I should take some time to write about AoS GH2 and good old Warhammer 3rd :)

    2. Yes, please do so! (Although 6th is where I am most familiar)