Monday, December 25, 2017

Not quite Bingo this year, but still a lot of fun

I spotted this Miniature Painting Bingo card over at Rob Hawkins blog, being a shameless thief I had to steal the idea and replicate it. So I picked up my folder with hobby shots and endeavored to fill out my hobby bingo card. Alas, no bingo for me this year, but who knows what the next has in store (I got so close. Here's my final score (I'll post the empty picture on the bottom of this post).

Almost bingo, if only I had finished the Red Baron....

Why fill out a painting bingo card you ask? Well at the very least it'll help me put up another blog post while finishing a slightly bigger project then anticipated (more on that somewhere after Christmas). Without further ado I'll present my official reckoning for filling out the boxes above (and some bla bla for boxes I missed). 

Repaint a badly painted mini from e-bay
Incidentally I also painted the modern variant of these two.
In May I celebrated my birthday by adding to my skaven army. Aside from visiting GW and spending more than planned there I painted a stripped second hand classic Thanquol and Boneripper duo. I was rather happy with them, but forgot to take a proper picture. The pair was part of the overview of my Skaven army I posted in may.

Paint a new version of a mini you painted years ago
In July I got started on a Genestealer Cult and kicked off by painting a Genestealer Broodlord (and five Tyranids) in classic purple and blue colors. Not only did I quietly pause this project, I forgot to post pictures of my smallish succes. They are in boxes now, so I'll have to stick the completion of this one on my word as a Skaven Warlord and Gentleman (oh dear).

Paint a mini in a colour you don’t like using and find a way to make it work
White, After a massive Biel-Tan army, High Elves (this year) and some white Necron I still hate white almost as much as black. I painted both this year, but I don't quite feel that I have done the second part of this box justice, so I'll leave it unchecked. 

Paint a faction boxset (even if you aren’t a gamer)
Dark Imperium is a lovely starter box, next year I should find the time to work with the Primaris marines.
Over the course of June and July I painted the Death Guard part of the Dark Imperium box set. I think that counts. I'm still quite chuffed as to both the speed and the look of the models. I also actually used them on the table (twice) before losing interest in 40K and hopping back to Age of Sigmar.

Sell a mini you painted for more than you paid for it
I tend to sell a few unpainted miniatures over the course of the year, but never painted. So this box will not likely be ticked anytime soon.

Paint a mini as a gift
The Eindhoven Deathwatch (last time I checked it was a bit bigger then at the time of this photograph).
The local GW Warhammer Store asked all its customers to build and paint a member of the Deathwatch (including your own name on the base). Mine is the Space Wolf on the rop right of the building. Here is the post about painting him.

Paint a scale model (Gundam, Airfix, etc)
Now this is a bit of sad one. I decided to give the entire military modeling a shot, so I started on a Red Baron kit by Revel. Bought a big one (1:36 scale). It turned out this particular kit was aimed at 8 year olds, lacked detail, was stupidly simply to build and had no detail I hated it and have dumped the kit in the shed. Interesting sidenote, this plastic lump of a triplane set me back 30 euro's, and people think GW is expensive....

Paint a bust
I wouldn't quite know where to put it, so I don't think this will happen anytime soon. 

Paint a squad/unit above tabletop standard, include a display base
I paint a lot of squads/units, and I like to think I paint above tabletop standard (although nowhere near the incredible quality of the truly gifted painters out there). Unfortunately 'building a display base' has been on the unfulfilled part of my to do list this year, so no points for me.

Paint a garage kit
I have no clue what a garage kit is supposed to be. 

Buy a mini and paint it, including base, within 48 hours.
I am still rather pleased with how that shield turned out.
I have a serious Martkplaats problem (Martkplaats = eBay for the Dutch). One of the models I bought on a whim was this OrrukWarboss on Boar. To assuage the guilt I painted him the next evening, earning myself a crossed of space. Oh no, I've encouraged myself to spend more on second hand miniatures!

Enter a competition
I usually enter Armies on Parade at my local GW store, except this year as I had no time to build a required display board. 

+++ Free Square +++
Nailed this one! ;) 

Paint in the company of other painters
I usually try to set something up, but this year it fell through the cracks of being busy with family, work and the like.

Repaint a prepaint
I don't own prepainted miniatures, having successfully managed to avoid X-Wing so far.

Convert a mini
One of my favorite Orruk faces in my Greenskins army.
I convert quite a lot of my miniatures, but my Orruk BoarChariot project of this year takes a special place of pride for me. 

Paint a mini using a technique you haven’t mastered (and don’t worry if it goes wrong)
I went for some reckless airbrushing, trying to emulate the casual splatter style of Next Level Painting (and ending up quite a few floors below his level of skill ;). But still, the purple Chaos Spawn look amazing, and even the flesh ones are ok. Too bad I had a shit camera at the start of the year. Should try to photograph that army again next year.

Paint a mini that’s in a scale you don’t usually paint.
Well there was the Red Baron one, aside from him everything was in the variable scale known as 'heroic'.

Paint a mini that’s been at the bottom of your ‘to do’ pile
These guys were stuck in a plastic bag at the bottom of a box for so long, I thought I'd never paint them.
My rather too large collection of Snotlings finally got a bit of painting love this year. These aren't top quality, but they have paint on them, and that is enough for me.

Build something (a model, a base, a display case, a paint rack, etc)
This terrain set is actually quite fun, but I only got around to using it once.
I had the feeling my terrain building was a bit on the light side this year. I did start of with my Aqshy BloodGeysers that I actually used once during a game. The sad thing is, they actually work quite nicely as a terrain set, I just keep forgetting to bring them along. Other finished sets this year include my badlands terrain and the accompanying badlands scatter terrain, both have seen a lot more use. I also built a pair of siege towers that have seen no use outside pictures. The last set I made was for the rather disappointing Shadow Wars: Armageddon game I almost couldn't buy because it turned out to be a limited edition launch of new terrain. After acquiring that box I also built that. But as my Grudge of Drong project fizzled out after completing the mine shafts I ended up feeling as if I failed to build any terrain this year. Memory is a funny, fickle thing....

Make a diorama
I have not done this yet, maybe I'll try one next year. I have an idea...

Contribute to the community (write an article, post a tutorial, etc)
Well there's this blog and the nonsense I splash on Facebook every so often. All in all, I think I am allowed to check that box.

Paint all the minis for a board game and play it with friends
Steelheart's champions were utterly trounced in my first game of Shadespire (as I was controlling them, I think I should take full responsibility for that loss).

I finished both the Sigmarite and the Bloodbound Shadespire Warbands and managed to finally try the game on Christmas 'eve. Just in time to check of this box.

Paint a mini from a range you’ve never painted before
I should finish the rest of these Ral Partha Dwarves, they are fantastic models.
I helped kickstart the Ral Partha dwarves and painted four of them when they arrived. Unfortunately right after that I had a 'squirrel' moment and started on a completely different project. Oh yeah, it was Shadow War...let's not grumble on about that in an otherwise excellent gaming year....

Try to replicate the paint job of someone that inspires you
I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a Mortis Engine painted using an old White Dwarf step by step guide. I think that counts. More on this model as soon as I've gotten around to the Banshees...

So that's it, my year in review (as seen from a bingo card). As I'm scribbling away I do regret not being able to mention a few other things I'm quite happy with. I painted a full Tzeentch Slaves to Darkness army with some Disciples and the new Lord of Change thrown in. I painted a full High Elf army, Skarbrand and inquistor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau. On the other hand I also started quite a number of projects that are nowhere near completed. Luckily I'll probably find some time in 2018 to (not) finish them then. In the meantime. Happy hobbying, and until the next post. For those of you looking, here is the bingo card as stolen from the blog mentioned at the start.

Here is the original bingo chart.


  1. I´ll try to do a bingo next year. And I will check out what I have done this year using this chart, but I can assure that I didn´t get close to a bingo.

    Well done this year Merijn!! Next year it will be better.