Monday, December 11, 2017

Well the weather outside is frightful, but the Bloodbound are delightful....

Did I mention being short on time? Sorry for going on about that one, but selling ones house as an avid kitchen table painter adds an extra layer of trauma. Apparently real estate agents don't like selling houses that smell like a chemical dump and look like someone's thrown a handgrenade in a box of plastic sprues and stones. Anyway with the house most likely sold I could go back to my painters ways. First off was tackling the Bloodbound in Shadespire. I have yet to play a game (or read the rules). With the small amount of miniatures in the box I decided it was about time to reinstate my 'no unpainted miniatures' rule for a bit.

The snow throws of all the automatic balance thingies in the camera, making the blood rather hard to see.

Here are the Bloodbound. As you can see my photo studio (*cough* outside *cough*) had changed from a rainy backdrop to snow. I guess I should've painted some Space Wolves... Because I was to viking to put on a coat or sweater, but not viking enough to stay out for an extended period I don't have any proper close-ups of the blood on the guys. But it was a hell of a lot of fun adding it. I think I've linked to this tutorial before, but I really can't recommend it enough. It is (as far as I'm concerned) the ultimate guide to make your bloody miniatures bloody.

I like the addition of scars and bone growths spurting from the models. These guys are here to hack and slay, no doubt about it.

Aside from the blood most work went into the skin. It was basically a straight forward job of airbrushing Cadian Fleshtone followed by a copious wash of Reikland Flesh. Then I let the miniatures sit for two weeks as I had to clear out my workspace (optional step ;) ). After that I layered from a wet palette starting with Cadian Fleshtone, then a mix of Cadian with Kislev Flesh, Pure Kislev Flesh and finally a highlight of what was left of the Kislev mixed with Pallid Wych Flesh. As an aside, what a joy it is to spell check the GW paint names. I keep discovering I've been reading names on paint pots wrong for years....

Right now I'm preparing for a long hobby holiday, so I have good hopes of accomplishing a lot this month (note to self: stay away from Steam). That might turn out to be necessary, I really want to finish the Orruks I have on my paint tray, but I've also bought the new Necromunda and I couldn't help but buy into the Christmass Special offering Flying Dwarves Khardaron Karhadron Karodron Kharadron Overlords (the problem goes way beyond paint pots). Then there are some plans for futuristic terrain.....I think the long hobby holiday is going to be too short....


  1. Great work on these! The skin turned out very well.

    I have often wished that GW paints had numbers in addition to the names, because as you say, they are hard to spell at best (and harder to remember at worst!)

    Good luck with the home sale, although selling a house usually means that the dreaded moving comes next...

    1. Don't mention the move ;) Numbers on the paint pots, now that would be an improvement. I think its safe to say Vallejo has GW beat both on that count and on the dropper bottles.

  2. Excellent job. The skin tones are really good. Those minis are awesome. I have a few to Paint this Christmas, i will follow your tips with the skin tones.

    1. The mini's in Shadespire are awesome indeed. Be careful with mr. Skullmask, mine didn't snap-fit together properly (probably me being impatient). I had to clean a gap in his chest with Vallejo Plastic Putty (and he still looks like he's had a triple bypass (probably not Khorne-style as he's still around)). Looking forward to seeing the results of your paint job.