Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ready! Aim! Miss! Glide! Hit Anyway! Yes, my Doom Divers have paint on them!

As a copywriter I'm opposed to the use of exclamation marks (the only exception being: 'We've got your son/daughter! Leave money under the old oak tree!'). Having said that, I couldn't resist on the title of today's post. As (most of) the goblins in this Doom Diver battery have been languishing in half painted hell for about two years I am beyond happy to actually finish them.

I pity the fool who goes up against this battery...
The happy little Grots have a bit of history. The metal Doom Diver on the center of the table rolled out of a lot containing mostly snap-fit Space Crusade marines and the horrific hunchbacked Chaos Warriors from the nineties. It made a bad buy excellent. I remember enthusiastically stripping the model and painting the catapult only to lose interest and leave the crew unfinished. The Finecast catapult on the right is the newest in the bunch. I traded a bunch of plastic Chaos Space Marines for it. It was missing the Doom Diver crewman in flight but as the Doom Diver has a crew of four in Age of Sigmar that is no problem. Now the catapult on the left has a serious history.

Although I'm aware not everybody is overjoyed with the AoS ruleset I personally get a kick out of using my ancient eighties and nineties models in the new setting.
This is the original Doom Diver model and I fought against it when the 4th edition ruleset was brand-spanking new. It used to come with a single crewman (the one in the background on the left behind the catapult) and player's just imagined a horde of willing replacements in the back. With the 'crew of four' rule in Sigmar I had to get creative. So I borrowed the 'in flight' model from the larger metal kit, and had the luck to find a hammer wielder in the Snotlings I bought of GW. I picked up the crashing Doom diver in the foreground for a nice price as it was a damaged model. As for the paint job on this entire battery, I think I can do a lot better, but I am getting sick and tired of painting greenskins. Apparently my tax is about three months of painting (mostly) the same army. I'm about to stick the last groups of Orcs/Orruks I have into the project box. I didn't want these guys to suffer the same fate.  So here it is. With this lot I will (probably) stop the green tide and join in with Deadcember like the other regular well adjusted Warhammer painters out there. There is a second reason to temporarily stop painting Greenskins....

Part of my large display cabinet in the home office, I am willing to admit I regularly stand in front of it just to feel proud about my work (and also to remind myself I should reattach poor Ahriman to his base).
This is no way to proudly display an army, but my shelf space is used up. I actually had to stuff my trolls on the overflow shelf. I have promised myself more display room after the move. In the meantime I'm going to be painting a few undead (and after that I'll jump into the grimdark future for a bit of terrain building (if I manage to stick to my plans)).

Okay, painting Death because there is no space on the Destruction shelf will not solve anything....

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