Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sand and mud on Age of Sigmar terrain

Another evening dawned, it was raining outside and I was working in the shed getting ready to toss a bucket-load of insta-filler and pva glue (both mercifully cheap at the local Action) at my work in progress. I want to spray paint my polystyrene and that means it needs to be well sealed off. You can do this by covering it in PVA glue cut with water (a 50/50 mix will do). But as I also wanted to make my cliffs look like cliffs instead of haphazardly glued polystyrene I need some insta-filler too It gives a nice texture and if you mix it with PVA it becomes rather strong and easy to paint. I made a mix consisting of about equal parts of water (for ease of applying), PVA and insta-filler and threw in a bit of beach sand because I was feeling creative and adventurous. I covered deep gaps and seriously sloppy work with a bit of pure insta-filler and covered it with my mix later.

Hey where did that sand and other stuff come from? Excellent question! After applying the PVA/insta-filler mix I sprayed on a thick coat of PVA where I wanted the courtyard. The tiles are made of glass and where available for scrap booking or something in the local Action. Next step was applying glue where I wanted the road. By now the PVA/insta-filler mix was mostly dry so I could apply on thick layer of PVA where the road should be. Then it was on to my big box of beach sand (wherever you go always bring a bag of stones and dirt back with you) and use careful handsfull to apply it to the 'road PVA'. After that some careful pushes with a cheap and horrible terrain brush to make sure the road was well covered (see that cup of brushes in the background, they are all useless for painting but great for wasting on glue and insta-filler).

For the bottom parts of the base I went into the garden and grabbed some fresh black dirt. I actually had to rescue two worms as I was applying it because it was raining at the time. The same proces was used as for the road, but I have good hope the final texture will be different. I also emptied superglue over the dirt to give it an extra nice, cracked look. Here are a few picks of a night of slapping dirt and insta-filler on a model.

The ascend:

The small cliff:

And a few more of the castle:

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