Monday, June 27, 2016

Vampire Counts castle, finishing touches

With the weekend over, I can look back at finishing the last bits of the castle. Next step is waiting for it to dry and base coating everything. At the start of the weekend I decided to keep the second bridge simple, and now it easily connects the two hills leading up to the castle.

A bridge and a drawbridge lead up tot the castle. The middle hill and the simple bridge can be removed to decrease the size of the castle on the table, or I can make a long line filling an entire table with the castle.

In the last minute I managed to break off the gallows on the back corner of the road leading up to the courtyard. I reinforced the wood with a long pin made from a paper clip and covered the entire thing in liquid green stuff to give it a bit more texture (and strength). I also swapped the direction of the gallows as it makes more sense with the chains.

Rather gruesome I would say.
To round of the construction I added two old cairn wraith miniatures on the top of the castle walls. They don't go well with the newer plastic one but will look great as statues.

I wonder what the pigeons will make of these two.

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