Monday, June 27, 2016

An Age of Sigmar graveyard using the Garden of Morr

With a bit of luck I got my hands on a used Garden of Morr kit. As I had already prepared some bases and green stuffed some gravestones I was ready to make an interesting graveyard to surround my Vampire Counts castle with.

Graveyard covered in dirt and ready for a last layer of PVA and a base coat.
Before the dirt pictured above was glued to the base I had to plot out and glue the plastic on first. Before that I started by making a small raised area on the large part of the graveyard, that tends to make a larger area look a bit more interesting. After that I glued on a left-over altar from the Coven Throne kit, some green stuffed candles and some other stuff.

Graveyard construction in progress
I split the graveyard into multiple bases so I can vary the size of it during gaming. I also elected not to mash it all together like the GW photo because no model will fit their Garden of Morr. I want my undead to march over the graveyard (or start their march from it).

A few bits of wall and some gravestones will make the entire set look like a very ancient, crumbling graveyard.
After the buildings and gravestones were stuck to the bases I covered all wood and select bits of the plastic with PVA and then went back to throwing regular garden dirt on it. One earthworm had to be saved during the process.

Tossing garden dirt on the PVA'ed base.
After tossing the dirt on I hold the base upside down above a piece of paper to shed the excess. Then apply a bit more glue were I want more sand and repeat the process. The end result is the following picture.

Looks dirty (har har).
After a nights worth of drying I took the last step in the morning. After applying dirt (or sand) to a base you should always cover it in watered down PVA. This will dry into a nice hard plastic film over the sand making your base coat stick to it, and making the sand stick to the base. If you don't do this, your play pieces will shed sand (or dirt) every time you game making the gaming table messy and slowly ruining your terrain piece. This is the final WIP picture as of this morning, next steps base coating and painting.

It looks awful now, but that will be ok after painting.

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