Sunday, June 26, 2016

Building a castle roof and more details

Detailing a large project is important and time consuming. The castle stands on the living room table and I try to put a few hours work in every day to get it to the point where I can start painting it (almost there). I put up a few more corpses.

You decorate your home with my friend, you'd better be a vampire! Oh you are...oh oh....
And I used a styrofoam cutter to make extra towers for the rooftop.

The basic structure of the roof is foamboard.
The fences around the edges are parts of the Rhino tank upgrade kit, I'm trying to get my hands on a few more to finish that bit up. Also I did not like the central window above the door. I don't think vampires really appreciate too many windows plus I had some leftover bits around.

Every castle needs an evil face above the door.
The next step is one that should be familiar to people who build model slate roofed houses.

Spending an afternoon cutting cardboard strips to size, what a glorious hobby.
It's watching bad movies while cutting up cardboard strips. I used this to make the roof tiles and to start tiling the tower tops (not a lot of fun, that part). I've also used some PVA to fill the joints between the tiles.

The roof is nearing completion.
Next step making the bridge between the ascension ramp and the middle part leading to the draw bridge. After tossing out a rather disastrously ugly polystyrene bridge I decided to go for simple wood.

The second bridge is going to be simple.
So far so good. Next step finishing the last bit of roof and painting this monster.

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