Monday, June 13, 2016

Making MDF bases for terrain and green stuff details

So enough time has been spent daydreaming and planning. This week I actually started on the build. Step #1 sculpting some gravestones over lunch because my castle will need to be surrounded by a large (huge) graveyard.

For those wondering. The little blobs on the right are going to be candles. I also went ahead and splurged on a Garden of Morr kit. I rather like the tombs and above all I want some rusty wrought iron fencing and have no clue how to produce a convincing looking fence at a reasonable pace.

Next step making the bases. I base almost all my terrain on 3 mm MDF board. It is very easy to cut to size and to sand the edges down to a gentle slope. Cutting terrain ahead of time helps me plan (my complete castle may not exceed a 60x60cm board if it is to be used in armies on parade. So here is the layout.

Note all the notes I scribbled on it. They will be quite useless when I build (as terrain will cover it. But it somehow helps me think in 3D and provides a bit of extra help when translating my vague sketches and scribbles to terrain. For the Dutch challenged among you: opgang means ascent. I will make a gentle slope (so miniatures don't slide off) from ground to 8 cm over a reasonable distance. Then a (removable) bridge will link to a cliff at 8 cm height. From the cliff acces is possible to the castles draw bridge. In game I can choose to make the bend just use the ascent or even fill the length the table by putting it straight behind each other

The plastic keep will need to be high up on its own platform. I want a courtyard in front with a stair and a winding road all around the base so I can gently ascend 4 cm to a side (making it possible to move armies up the ramp).

As this post is getting a bit wordy, the next part will be in a new one, part 4 to be precise...

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