Friday, June 10, 2016

Planning wargame terraing and mood board

Last post was about some general consideration, today it is time to talk about planning and my mood board. First I have just started sketching in a nice sketchbook I bought for the purpose. It will serve as my collection of blank paper to scribble on and if all goes well I can actually find older inspiration when there's time to build a new project (Aqshy gaming table plan, I'm looking at you!).

Anyway here are my first castle scribbles. If you can't follow along, don't worry, I sometimes can't follow myself. It basically consists of some possible designs integrating parts of a castle I found in the thrift store.

The notes:

The castle parts, I snapped these pictures for a Facebook post about scale, so say hi to Ug and Nug the two chaos thugs and Arbaal the Undefeated (mostly because he's never been used on a tabletop).

I gathers quite a few vampire castle pictures from around the web and used them for a mood board to draw inspiration from. Unfortunately due to copyright restriction I can't show my mood board on the blog, so I'll have to use a few thousand words (a.k.a. the worth of one picture). If you Google vampire castle you'll get foreboding dark castles with lots of blues, purples and whitish greens. Towering cliffs, rickety bridges and a general feeling of disrepair. Google 'vampire castle van helsing' and you'll get a curling road leading to a castle with one prominent high tower. This movie also features a second castle sporting a cool drawbridge held up by huge chains. These will be some of the things I'm going to aim for in building my castle.

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