Monday, September 26, 2016

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 1

With the help of the new General's Handbook I've set-up a three- (or four-) part Age of Sigmar campaign where the forces of Order&Death fight those of Chaos&Destruction. Our opening battle was based on one of the missions in the Age of Sigmar Realmgate Wars books wherein both sides want to push a storm of magic to the opponents table half. This mission can be helped by bringing priest type characters to the fight and most of all by wounding or killing the enemy general. We played this mission with ten players in total (five to each side). To find out who won, just read the comic here (or download the pdf).

Next episodes:

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 2

The Conquest of Crawling Swamp, Part 3

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