Friday, March 3, 2017

Badlands scatter terrain for Age of Sigmar

With the sun up and the glue (mostly) dry, I had a chance to make a few pictures of the new bone terrain. Here it is. If you want to replicate this project click on the Badlands terrain set link to the top right of this page (or beneath the second home button if you're using a mobile device). I've added some models to give a better sense of scale.

A small band of daemons and a lone Ogroid Thaumaturge advances through a boneyard.

That creature looks big enough to inhabit the Realm of Ghur.

That must have been the start of one hell of a barbecue!

I wonder which Orruk took his skull?

Let me read to you from the Book of Tzeentch for a change.

Screamers floating back in to recover the lost monoliths.

An exalted flamer stands ready to restart the barbecue.

What will happen next? Probably another battle, it is a wargame after all....


  1. Excellent job, It´s a good add to any battlefield. I think i´ll try to do some for my own scenery collection.
    Thanks for the tutorial and the idea.

    1. Cheers! Have fun building your own variant.