Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More test buildings for my Warhammer 40K modular space ship interior or industrial terrain (part 2)

After a successful start on the first tile for my modular space ship interior for Warhammer 40K and most likely the upcoming game Shadow War: Armageddon I spent a large chunk of my Sunday filling more tiles bringing the total to four.

With a bit of imagination this is starting too look like something sci-fi.

For this terrain build I finally got a chance to turn my theory that squirt guns are excellent for making 40K terrain into practice. I picked up around five of these in thrift stores over the summer for this purpose.

Squirt guns have all kinds of interesting shapes you can use for sci-fi terrain.
First off I covered five 30cm x 30cm MDF bases with carpet underlay (I was a bit over-ambitious figuring I could do five bases in a day).

Preparing a lot of MDF bases.
Over the course of the day I got a bit carried away gluing bits together in interesting shapes, cutting foamboard and using the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues I bought a few years back. As a matter of fact I got so carried away I forgot to take 'work in progress'-pictures. So here is a presentation of the end results (before painting obviously).

The generators were my first squirt gun shape attempt. I call it a success.
The generators around the broken pipe in the top-left are bits of the squirt gun with the holes covered up in different creative ways.

this top ramp leads to a dangerous drop.

Adding floor underlay to the old toy race track seems to work out reasonably nicely, although I'm not sure paint will stick to it. Lets keep my fingers crossed...

The fallen supports needed more distressing, that's where my trusty pliers came in.
I used pliers to distress the fallen supports of the top rail on my first test model a bit more. Breaking stuff with pliers makes a nice change from the usual high precision care you have to take with miniatures.

The pink shapes on the front are made from a container of disgusting gum. 
I've dubbed the large yellow thing a promethean tank. It used to be the reservoir if the squirt gun, The panels on the building it disappears into have been covered with bits from the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues. These are made specially to turn any box into an interesting sci-fi building (and they work quite nicely.

I distress the walkways and will paint them up in rust colors later, it should help explain why no sector on the map truly fits another.
The foamboard block in front of the generators has also been covered with bits from the Maelstrom's Edge sprue.

The green line at 7.5 cm was a first measurement as to where the rail should be, that is the regular height of 1st floor GW terrain.
Here is a picture of the ramp on yesterday's test building, showing how the PVA has dried quite nicely.

The insta-filler failed, so it is back to PVA for me.

The big round thing is a container for diaper disposal liners. I used some foamboard to raise the interior and covered that in filler with some plastic balls to make bubbles. It looked bad, so I poured in PVA today. That will raise the level a bit more and make the balls look more like bubbles. To give it a bit of an extra dangerous edge I've glued in seven of them (it is Nurgle's number, so that adds to the danger!).

Looks like I'm going to be building a lot more the coming weeks. For now I'll have to decide whether to start painting these four to see if paint sticks to all used materials, or if I'm going to fill the last two prepared bases before trying that.


  1. That's a fantastic looking set ! Th eonly drawback (for me) being the space it takes but if I had the storage options to store this, I'd definitely try to copy what you did here, it's brilliant.

    1. Storage is always a problem. These'll probably end up in plastic containers that eventually get moved to my gaming club to make space in the shed.

  2. Excellent job, I want to see it painted.

    1. Thanks I'm probably going to paint these four up over the course of this week. Painting rusty terrain tends to be a quick and dirty job so hopefully I'll have some results later.

  3. Squirt guns for the win for sure! They're very versatile units indeed :)

    This is gunna look ace when it's painted up. How many are you going to make in total?

    Top work :)

    1. Squirt guns rule :) I have a total of 16 MDF plates and enough garbage (sorry beautiful building supplies) to fill them. Now here's to hoping I don't loose interest halfway through and complete the lot.

  4. That race track stuff looks excellent, and really ties all the pieces together as well as being useful.

    1. Thanks, yes it works out rather well on this project although the same cannot be said of a few earlier failures I had with it.