Monday, March 13, 2017

A bunch of Kairic Acolytes join the warband

Aside from the project boxes I mentioned earlier on my blog I also have project trays. These are actually just box lids that contain models I'm currently working on (or that I'm planning to work on). On one of these were twenty Kairic Acolytes. I finished ten of them about a week ago and this weekend I made myself sit down and finish the other ten. Here is the glorious unit of twenty ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield (or more likely die in horrible squishy ways).

Hi would you like to join our cult? We offer a free gym membership to every acolyte!
I'm a bit conflicted about this kit. On the one hand assembled and painted they look great (I think). And who can argue with the concept a bunch of half-naked Tzeentch worshiping maniacs using illusion spells to pretend they visit the gym in stead of hanging around in odd libraries. On the other hand there are a few things to dislike. First: the plastics of this kit allow for no posing whatsoever. You get two sets of ten models that only go together one way (almost like snap fit). I hope this will not be the direction of all upcoming GW kits. Second you can't build them to properly conform with the rules in their warscroll. The warscroll states every individual model can be armed with either:
  • a single cursed blade;
  • a pair of cursed blades;
  • a cursed blade and an arcanite shield;
  • a doule-handed glaive (3 out of every 10 models);
The kit however forces you to put shields on the models holding the double-handed glaives. That can't be right. As the models are pre-posed you an only arm two models per ten with a pair of blades. Arming models with a cursed blade only is impossible as the left arm is dented to allow easy gluing of a shield to it. All in all the unit looks nice, but I guess I will have to discuss the use of them with every opponent I meet. 

Never mind the shields, we'll just throw sorcerous bolts from afar and pray to Tzeentch we never get into combat.

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  1. Superb painting job. I really like those acolytes, lately GW are producing nice minis I want to purchase. I think I will buy that boxed game just for the minis.