Friday, February 10, 2017

Age of Sigmar Gifts from the Heavens objective markers

Not every project needs a lot of time and work to complete. The Gifts from the Heaves pitched battle scenario in Age of Sigmar (General's Handbook) requires two meteorites that crash on the table in turn two. After making do with dice, coins and some other improvised markers I recently made these two. I took two 90x52 mm oval bases, added a 'half moon' of cork to make a raised bit that simulates a comet striking the ground. After that I added sand with PVA, waited for the glue to dry and added more sand and PVA to the outside edges of the cork (to smooth it down). The comets themselves are strangely shaped rocks I bought at an after Christmas discount  sale. A bit of drybrushing and some washes and this is the result. Time for another pitched battle...

Now these look like meteors worth fighting over.

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