Friday, February 3, 2017

The five horseman of the Tzeentchpocalypse

I hate painting cavalry. No clue what it is, but for some reason I'm always annoyed while painting cavalry models. These five Chaos Knights are excellent models and I love how they turned out, but even here I still hated every minute of painting them.

By the last breath of the fourth fifth winds blow....
Originally I went with a gold plate on steel barding to make a mockery of the Stormcast out of them. It ended up looking terrible. Adding blue (Thousand Sons Blue to be precise) just made it look worse. In the end I took the riders of their horses and repainted the gold armor a deep purple which saved the models.

I picked a cream color for the banner to make it contrast with the darker model.

The banner has a freehand of a purple hand. This is my nod to the cult of the Purple Hand that features in the old school Enemy Within campaign. I added extra eyes and a Tzeentch rune, can't have too much white space on a banner after all.

I broke with tradition and decided to let this guy keep the horns on his head.
I decided to avoid the temptation of painting the Doom Knight's shield in metallic colors with verdigris and opted fro realistic colors instead, I like to think a screaming daemon has been bound to this shield.

I swapped a standard head with one from a Chaos Space Marine mutation sprue I found.
This guys shield scores points for the most Tzeentchian shield of the lot. I too extra care to paint the eyes and make the skin look lively.

This face really looks eerie.
Mister two-face has a face I took from a mutated Chaos Space Marine sprue I had in the bits-box (same as with mr. eye-shield).

I added some rust to the barding because this model lookedto clean.

The last rider featured is the first one I painted, informally dubbed mr. test-model. He has been repainted from golden armored to purple. I loved painting the human skin on the shield, especially as the hand started showing up.

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