Thursday, February 9, 2017

The new Lord of Change appears after only 28 years of summoning...

After a long wait Games Workshop released a new Lord of Change last week and it is massive. As I'm planning to start work on a new plastic Pantheon of Chaos to complement my old metal one I picked the kit up and got a bit carried away painting it.

This lord of Change heard me chanting for the past 28 years and finally dropped in....
Now I have spent a bit too much of my spare time on this with the result that I can't look at the model any more right now, so the last details (jewels for instance) will have to wait for a bit.

When in doubt, add some color to the feathers of your Greater Daemon
I tried to paint along with Duncan for this one, but not being Duncan got in the way of succes. My wings were to blue and bland so I added some extra color to them.

I don't know where this resin bit came from, but it looks apt for the base.
I made the base using cork and an old resin magic circle I found in the bits box (I think I picked it up in a second hand lot).

The trick to a nice base: cork, sand, glue and bits.
Last but not least I had to compare the new lord of change to the old metal one in my pantheon. Watch the change in scale.

The old Greater Daemon of Tzeentch and the new, slight change in size detected.
I'm planning to add a plastic Greater Daemon of Khorne (or perhaps Skullbrand) to my collection later this year. Here's to hoping GW will release a plastic Keeper of Secrets and Great Unclean One so in time I can set up a second version of this picture.

My classic pantheon of Greater Daemons of Chaos from the eighties. I hope to build a new pantheon in the coming years.

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