Thursday, February 23, 2017

Making paleontologists cry since 2017

Yesterday I had an entire evening to give over to the hobby. And with the bases I made over lunch mostly dry I could take some of my plastic dinosaur bones and rearrange them in interesting new shapes to cover the bases.

Interesting find, I'll call this species the Coversavous Terrificus.
I know from experience that this Chinese plastic shows no inclination to get bits stuck together with plastic glue so I got my superglue and tacky glue ready. Next up as much derring-do with GW's razor saw. Mine is a bit blunt but GW no longer carries these and finding a replacement has turned out te be harder then expected. Let's compensate with an action shot.

Me risking life and limb for the noble purpose of cutting plastic dinosaur bones into new and interesting shapes.
To assemble interesting corpses I just poured out the contents of a number of dinosaur bone bags and threw them in a pile. I wouldn't want to accidentally assemble an actual dinosaur at this stage after all.

I could've just fixed them to a pieve of MDF and called it a day...nah maybe for another project. 
As this scatter terrain will mostly be used in Age of Sigmar I want plenty of room on the base to give a small unit (or individual model) a cover save. At the same time the terrain is small enough to prevent big units or large model units (like the Varanguard) from doing the same.

A nice place to hide your nasty Skinks, devious Gutter Runners or lonesome Chaos Sorcerer.

I had a quite a lot of fun cutting up dinosaur skulls and rearranging bones, all the while humming the Monkey Island 2 Bones Song as a matter of course.

The headbone's connected to the tigh bone, the tigh bone's connected to the shoulder bone...
I ende up with this interesting collection of large skeletons. Not mentioned so far is that I have not glued the bones to the bases. The bones are stuck together (where necessary) and I can now easily paint and drybrush the bases in a sand color and follow up by painting the skeletons with airbrush and wash. All this with the noble goal of building extra terrain in record time.

I think I'm onto something sweet here.
Now all I have to do is await the arrival of a new mega-tub (200ml) of Sepia Shade by Vallejo. In the meantime I can use a rattlecan to paint the bones Zandri and I guess I'll use my Cursed Waste scenery paint set on the bases so the bones will contrast properly.

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