Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finished my badlands terrain for Warhammer and Age of Sigmar (part 3)

Last night I affixed the final bits of flock and moss to my badlands terrain. Except for a barrel and a lantern that will get added to the mine this part of the badlands terrain set is finished.

In the heart of the realm of wood (and wintering garden furniture) five Chaos Warriors struck out on a quest to find the lost mine of King Sigmaron...

I had some doubts about applying green flock to the red/brown bases but pictures of this terrain show green vegetation and it does contrast nicely with red, so I went for it. Now that it is on, I'm happy with the decision.

The band of the wiggly rune betrayed their lord long ago. They hadn't looked back since.
I've added some Chaos Warriors to the set for scale purposes, Dwarves would've been better but my total number of painted Dwarves right now rests at two (one Fyreslayer and one Dispossessed).

From a distance the slapping of a palm on a face could be heard. With servants like these, one needs no enemies.
I had quite a lot of fun with the mine entrance. No paint hit it internally. In real life the polystyrene is a magnitude more visible.

The famed polystyrene veins of King Sigmaron's mines?
So after painting the track I grabbed the airbrush and just sprayed it black, taking care to hit the end of the track as well, it has to meander off into the darkness.

Lets go for mysterious darkness, that sounds a lot better....
The split in the rock is now covered up nicely as well. Although quite visible if you know it is there.

Legend had it that these rocks were stuck together with gigantic cocktail sticks...
Still it adds character. Well enough talk, I'll leave off with some extra pictures. Next up: some regular painting or maybe I'll get started on some matching buildings and scatter terrain....hmmm decisions, decisions....

"Commander, about our vow never to look back...?"

"What about it?"

"Nothing sir."



  1. Awesome terrain, multipurpose too!

  2. These are quality.

    Badlands outcrops like that have been on my to-do list since about 1992...

    You did an inspiring job on these.

  3. I'm totally sold on both the idea and result.
    Fantastic result and thanks for the how to.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, and for adding the first set of comments on my blog!